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Cabbage Plant

My mantra: there’s always room for ice cream. Here's a mish-mashy list of some things currently sweetening my life.

Genre: Podcast

Why I Like It: Glennon Doyle and her co-hosts, Amanda Doyle and Abby Wombach, offer me a dose of real talk each week. They help me persevere on hard days and strive to make the most of my “one precious life.” This podcast inspired me to launch Cavolo!

Tropical Flower

Genre: Website

Why I like it: It offers free, downloadable sewing patterns. Puzzling the pattern pieces together is satisfying. So is wearing something I've made.

Image by Merve Sehirli Nasir

Genre:  Book, non-fiction

Why I Like It: Authors William Stixrud and Ned Johnson are redefining my definition of good parenting. I no longer see myself as my daughters' manager but rather, as their consultant.

Green Valley

Genre: Book, fiction

Why I Like It: Anthony Doerr's novel reminds me of three essential truths. 1. Beautiful writing is transformational.  2. Owls are magic. 3. Libraries matter.


Genre: App

Why I like it: The Queen's Gambit inspired me to learn chess. This site taught me how and allows me to practice with a robot.

Image by Sabrina Gricolat

Genre: Game

Why I Like It: A gift from a co-worker to my daughter, this game challenges and humbles me. I like witnessing how much stronger my girls' logic skills are than mine. Plus the tiles feel nice. 

Loose Tiles
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